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Ayurveda is the ancient science of lifespan, taken from the Vedas and hence the name Ayurveda. This science of life is more than 5000 years old and is still in practice. Ayurveda is nothing but the guidelines for a healthy living by following the right daily regimen with specific modifications from season to season along with do’s and don'ts for a healthy living. The science explains about the body, mind and soul and also about diseases that may occur in different situations with reasons and aetiology. The latter part of the science is about guidelines for treatments.


Ayurveda is a complete science consisting of  general medicine, paediatrics, mental health, diseases of neck and above portions, surgeries, toxicology, geriatrics and infertility & sexual diseases.


Interestingly, such a vast knowledge is written in Sanskrit and preserved in the form of "aagamas" or taken from Vedas thousands of years ago.

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